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HESI CHEMISTRY V1/V2 1. If Hydrogen is in a compound, what would its oxidation number be? +1 2. What is the oxidation number of any simple ion? The same as the charge of the ion 3. How many kilog... rams are in a pound? 0.453592 kg 4. What is the temperature for freezing point of water in Celsius? 0 degrees Celsius (32°F for Fahrenheit) 5. What is the conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit? 5F=9C+160 (remember 5F because you have 5 fingers on a hand & 9C because cats have 9 lives) 6. What is the oxidation number of an element atom? 0 7. What is the freezing point of sea water in Fahrenheit? Below 0C (pick and answer choice around -2C, actual temp depends on how much salt is in the water) 8. How many amino acids are in a dipeptide? 2 9. If Oxygen is in a compound, what would its oxidation number be? -2 10. Which of the following pH values would lemon juice likely have? 2 because the lower the pH value, the more acidic 11. What is a pentose? A 5 carbon sugar (Pent = 5) (ose = sugar) 12. What is the oxidation state of the Sulfur atom in Sulfuric Acid H2SO4? 6 (each H is +1, each O is -2. All charges have to add to 0. 2+S-8=0, so S=6) 13. How many neutrons does carbon 14 have? 8 ( mass# - atomics # = neutrons) 14 - 6 = 8 14. How many protons does Potassium have? 19 (same as the atomic number) 15. How many amino acids are essential for human life? 20 amino acids 16. Normal body temperature in °C? 37°C 17. Normal body temperature in °F? 98.6°F 18. Boiling point of water in °C? 100°C 19. Boiling point of water in °F? 212°F ............Continued [Show More]

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