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IELTS: Intermediate Relationships Between Things or Ideas Vocabulary S 2

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IELTS: Intermediate Relationships Between Things or Ideas Vocabulary S 2-1. assemble (verb) To put together or call together different elements. 2. branch (noun) A different and smaller part of som... ething, for ex- ample in a science or society. 3. broadly (adverb) In a wide manner; something liberal. 4. coincidence (noun) A connected set of the same events which are often surprising in the same place or at the same time, between which there is no cause or connection. 5. collection (noun) The act of gathering or bringing together things or people. 6. comparative (adjective) Compared to another thing or person by simi- larity or contrast. 7. contact (noun) Physical touch between two or more things. 8. cover (noun) Something that is placed or spread over something else, typically to conceal or protect it. 9. differentiate (verb) To make a distinction between two objects; to make or be a distiction between two people. 10. distinction (noun) An element of something that makes it different; a mark of difference. 11. diverse (adjective) Something or someone comprised from multi- ple different elements; differing from others. 12. entitle (verb) To bestow or grant someone a right. 13. in common (idiom/phrase) In joint use, shared. 14. integration (noun) The process of combining with core elements to create a whole. 15. mutual (adjective) Having a symmetrical relationship. 16. relate (verb) To make a comparison between two subjects. 17. rely on (phrasal verb) To depend on. 18. resemble (verb) To be similar to someone or something. 19. substitute (verb) To use an alternative, replace one thing/person with another. [Show More]

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