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ATI PN fundamentals {LATEST VERSION 2023} A nurse observes an assistive personnel (AP) reprimanding a client for not using the urinal properly. The AP tells him she will put a diaper on him if she doe... s not use the urinal more carefully next time. Which of the following torts is the AP committing? (ANS - Assault A nurse is caring for a competent adult client who tells the nurse that he is thinking about leaving the hospital against medical advice. The nurse believes that this is not in the client's best interest, so she prepares to administer PRN sedative medication the client has not requested along with his usual medication. Which of the following types of tort is the nurse about to commit? (ANS - False imprisonment A nurse in a surgeon's office is providing preoperative teaching for a client who is scheduled for surgery the following week. The client tells the nurse that he will prepare his advance directives before he goes to the hospital. Which of the following statements made by the client should indicate to the nurse an understanding of advance directives? (ANS - I plan to write that I don't want them to keep me on a breathing machine." A nurse is caring for a client who is about to undergo an elective surgical procedure. The nurse should take which of the following actions regarding informed consent? (Select all that apply.) (ANS - Make sure the surgeon obtained the client's consent. Witness the client's signature Zon the consent form. A nurse has noticed several occasions in the past ... Purchase document to see full attachment [Show More]

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