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PRACTICING FOR NCLEX a.Nursing is a profession dependent upon MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Circle the letter that corresponds to the best answer for each question. 1.Which of the following statement... s most clearly defines the role of the nurse in the early Christian period? a.The nurse was viewed as a slave, carrying out menial tasks based on the orders of the priest-physician. b.Women called deaconesses made the first organized visits to the sick, and members of male religious groups gave nursing care and buried the dead. c.The nurse was usually the mother who cared for her family during sickness by providing physical care and herbal remedies. d.Women who had committed crimes were recruited into nursing in lieu of serving jail sentences. 2.Which of the following nursing advocates ele vated the status of nursing to a respected occu pation, improved the quality of nursing care, and founded modern nursing education? a.Jane Addams b.Clara Barton c.Dorothea Dix d.Florence Nightingale 3.Which of the following statements is an accurate description of nursing’s role, accord ing to the American Nurses Association the medical community as a whole. b.It is the role of the physician, not the nurse, to assist patients in understanding their health problems. c.It is the role of nursing to provide a caring relationship that facilitates health and healing. d.The essential components of professional nursing care are strength, endurance, and cure. 4.The various definitions of nursing provided in this chapter conclude that the central focus of nursing is based on which of the following? a.The care provided by the nurse b.The patient receiving care c.The nurse as the caregiver d.Nursing as a profession 5.Who established the Red Cross in the United States in 1882? a.Clara Barton b.Dorothea Dix c.Jane Addams d.Florence Nightingale 6.When a nurse helps a patient make an informed decision about his/her own health and life, which of the following nurse’s roles has been performed? a.Advocate b.Counselor c.Caregiver d.Communicator (ANA)? [Show More]

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