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WGU EXAM C708 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE Questions and Answers Graded A+

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1. The credit manager for a company is responsible for setting the company's credit policy regarding availability and limits for customers. What is one of the additional responsibilities of this cre... dit manager? A. Purchasing insurance B. Collecting past-due accounts C. Monitoring accounts payable D. Investing excess cash ANS- B. Collecting past-due accounts 2. Which activity is financial management responsible for? A. Researching different products to bring to market B. Reporting past earnings for shares of stock C. Ensuring sufficient financing is available D. Verifying the balance sheet is properly constructed ANS- C. Ensuring sufficient financing is available 3. What is one of the main areas of the financial environment? A. Human resources B. Marketing C. Investments D. Foreign relations ANS- C. Investments [Show More]

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