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PROJECT MANAGEMENT- C722 Questions and Answers 100% Solved Graded A

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Portfolio - - a group of related programs that support a long-term company goal or objective Pg 13 Program - - a group of related projects Pg 13 Project - - an activity or group of activities to ge... nerate a new, unique product, service, or results to support that program Pg 13 Charter - - a document that, like a contract, is agreed upon by the sponsor and key stakeholders. It defines the project and authorizes the resources, roles, responsibilities, authorities, and scope for the project Pg 13 Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely - - Criteria of specific objectives that are unique to a project are referred to as SMART which stands for what Pg 15 Triple constraint - - cost (budget), schedule (time), and scope (deliverables) Pg 17 [Show More]

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