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GCSS Army Exam With 100% Correct Answers 2023

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Available to Promise (ATP) - Correct Answer-The ability to check if the components on a work order are in stock. Batch - Correct Answer-Formerly referred to as "Condition Code." Classifies materiel ... in terms of readiness for issue. Bill of Material (BOM) - Correct Answer-A maintenance bill of material (BOM) is a complete structured list of the components making up a piece of equipment or assembly. Bill of Materials (BOM) - Correct Answer-An exploded view of a component, end item, or other equipment allowing users to view the authorized parts. Component - Correct Answer-Repair parts used to repair end items. Engines and transmissions are serialized components that are included in the GCSS-Army equipment structure. Configurable Material - Correct Answer-A materiel that has more than one allowable configurations based on interchangeable weapon systems/weapon sub-systems and components. Counter - Correct Answer-An object (i.e. odometer, tachometer, etc) mounted on a piece of equipment by which readings are taken to object wear, consumption, or the reduction of a working supply. Deobligation - Correct Answer-Completing a utilization notification (Formerly "Closing out a Dispatch"). Functional Location - Correct Answer-The hierarchical location of a component or equipment and any of its sub-components. It also represents the place at which a maintenance task is performed. Install and Dismantle - Correct Answer-Formerly referred to as "Controlled Exchange." The removal of serviceable components from unserviceable, economically reparable end items for immediate reuse in restoring a like item to an operational condition. Integrated Product and Process Engineering (iPPE) - Correct Answer-Loads header and structures of an end item. The allowable material is linked to the appropriate nodes. These structures and the source for the allowable list are determined by MMDF / LCF [Show More]

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All GCSS Army exams and course test With 100% Correct Answers 2023

All GCSS Army exams and course test With 100% Correct Answers 2023

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