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APhA Immunization Self-Study Assessment Already Passed

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The childhood/adolescent and adult immunization schedules are updated and published annually during which months? ✔✔January or February The monitoring system that health care providers should us... e to report serious adverse events after vaccination is: ✔✔VAERS. How often are the Healthy People targets for vaccination rates updated? ✔✔Every 10 years According to ACIP, which of the following is a contraindication to receiving HZV? ✔✔Current treatment for lymphoma. At what point during pregnancy is it recommended to administer the influenza vaccine? ✔✔Anytime is safe Which vaccine does ACIP recommend for all college freshmen, aged 21 years or younger, living in dormitories, who have not been previously vaccinated? ✔✔MCV4 [Show More]

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