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Gerontology Evolve test Questions and Answers Already Passed

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An older person is a patient on a rehabilitation unit. She has an arm fracture and is feeling sad. She tells the nurse, "I feel incapable of dressing and feeding myself." How can the nurse best promo... te wellness for the patient? A During bathing time, encourage the patient to do what she can and have the nurse assist her. B Discourage the patient when she takes initiatives to help herself. C Have the patient join a rehab patient focus group. D Focus on the patient's illness and enable her to write her thoughts in a diary. Correct Answer-a The patient is a middle-aged person who is caring for her ill mother. The patient arrives at the urgent care clinic complaining of fatigue and depression. She says to the nurse, "There is no one who can help me with my mother's illness; I'm caring for mom practically 24/7." Which principle of primary health care can the nurse utilize to better assist the patient? A Accessibility: Connect the patient with home care service B Public participation: Have the patient fill out a survey on caregiver stress. C Health promotion: Encourage the patient to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. D Interprofessional collaboration: Inform the health care team of the patient's stress at home. Correct Answer-a What is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health?A Coping B Physical well-being C Mental well-being D Health promotion Correct Answer-d [Show More]

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All Gerontology HESI (Health Education Systems Incorporated) exams with Questions & Answers already passed

All Gerontology HESI (Health Education Systems Incorporated) exams with Questions & Answers already passed

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