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Chapter 76 Drugs for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Chapter 76: Drugs for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A patient with asthma will be using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) for delivery of an inhaled medication. ... The provider has ordered 2 puffs to be given twice daily. It is important for the nurse to teach this patient that: , 2. A patient newly diagnosed with asthma receives prescriptions for an inhaled glucocorticoid and an inhaled beta2-adrenergic agonist. Which statement by the patient indicates understanding of this medication regimen? 3. A patient who uses an inhaled glucocorticoid for chronic asthma calls the nurse to report hoarseness. What will the nurse do? a. . 4. A patient with asthma is admitted to an emergency department with a respiratory rate of 22 breaths per minute, a prolonged expiratory phase, tight wheezes, and an oxygen saturation of 90% on room air. The patient reports using fluticasone (Flovent HFA) 110 mcg twice daily and has used 2 puffs of albuterol (Proventil HFA), 90 mcg/puff, every 4 hours for 2 days. The nurse will expect to administer which drug? 5. A parent asks a nurse about growth suppression resulting from the use of an inhaled glucocorticoid in children. What will the nurse tell the parent? TOP: Nursing Process: Implementation MSC: NCLEX Client Needs Category: Physiologic Integrity: Pharmacologic and Parenteral Therapies 6. A young adult woman will begin using an inhaled glucocorticoid to treat asthma. The nurse will teach this patient about the importance of which action? 7. A 7-year-old child with asthma uses a daily inhaled glucocorticoid and an albuterol MDI as needed. The provider has added montelukast (Singulair) to the child’s regimen. Which statement by the child’s parent indicates understanding of this medication? 8. A nurse is teaching a group of nursing students about the different formulations of beta2- adrenergic agonist medications. Which statement by a student indicates understanding of the teaching? 9. A patient with asthma comes to a clinic for treatment of an asthma exacerbation. The patient uses an inhaled glucocorticoid, montelukast (Singulair), and a SABA via MDI. The nurse assesses the patient and notes a respiratory rate of 18 breaths per minute, a heart rate of 96 beats per minute, and an oxygen saturation of 95%. The nurse auscultates mild expiratory wheezes and equal breath sounds bilaterally. What will the nurse do? 10. A patient who takes theophylline (Theochron) twice daily for chronic stable asthma develops an infection and will take ciprofloxacin. The nurse will contact the provider to discuss: 11. A nurse and a nursing student are reviewing the care of a 30-kg patient who will receive intravenous aminophylline. Which statement by the student indicates an understanding of the administration of this medication? 12. A child is receiving a combination albuterol/ipratropium (DuoNeb) inhalation treatment. The patient complains of a dry mouth and sore throat. What will the nurse do? 13. A patient with persistent, frequent asthma exacerbations asks a nurse about a long-acting beta2- agonist medication. What will the nurse tell this patient? 14. A patient has just received a prescription for fluticasone/salmeterol (Advair Diskus). What will the nurse include as part of the teaching for this patient about the use of this device? a. 15. A patient who has been newly diagnosed with asthma is referred to an asthma clinic. The patient reports daily symptoms requiring short-acting beta2-agonist treatments for relief. The patient has used oral glucocorticoids three times in the past 3 months and reports awakening at night with symptoms about once a week. The patient’s forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) is 75% of predicted values. The nurse will expect this patient to be started on which regimen? 16. Which medication should be used for asthma patients as part of step 1 management? MULTIPLE RESPONSE 1. What are the results of using glucocorticoid drugs to treat asthma? (Select all that apply.) [Show More]

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