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Pediatric Primary Care guestions and answers 7th Edition Test Bank

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Pediatric Primary Care guestions and answers 7th Edition Test Bank Chapter 1: Health Status of Children: Global and National Perspectives 1. Which region globally has the highest infant mortality r... ate? A. Indonesia B. Southern Asia C. Sub-Saharan Africa D. Syria 2. The primary care pediatric nurse practitioner understands that, to achieve the greatest worldwide reduction in child mortality from pneumonia and diarrhea, which intervention is most effective? A. Antibiotics B. Optimal nutrition C. Vaccinations D. Water purification 3. Which is true about the health status of children in the United States? A. Globalism has relatively little impact on child health measures in the U.S. B. Obesity rates among 2to5yearolds have shown a recent significant Decrease. . C. The rate of household poverty is lower than in other economically developed nations. D. Young children who attend preschool or day care have higher food insecurity. 4. The primary care pediatric nurse practitioner understands that a major child health outcome associated with worldwide climate change is A. cost of living. B. Education. C. Nutrition D. Pollution. 5. When providing well child care for an infant in the first year of life, the primary care pediatric nurse practitioner is adhering to the most recent American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care guidelines by A. Focusing less on development and more on illness prevention and nutrition. B. Following guidelines established by the Bright Futures publication. C. Scheduling well baby visits to coincide with key developmental mile stones. D. Seeing the infant at ages 2, 4, 6, and 12 months when immunizations are due. [Show More]

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