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Foundations of Mental Health Care 8th Edition Morrison-Valfre Test Bank

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Foundations of Mental Health Care 8th Edition Morrison-Valfre Test Bank practice nurse to perform which additional intervention? a. Conduct mental health assessments. c. Establish therapeutic rel... ationships. b. Prescribe psychotropic medication. d. Individualize nursing care plans. ANS: B In most states, prescriptive privileges are granted to master’s-prepared nurse practitioners who have taken special courses on prescribing medication. The nurse prepared at the basic level is permitted to perform mental health assessments, establish relationships, and provide individualized care planning. 2. When a nursing student expresses concerns about how mental health nurses “lose all their nursing skills,” the best response by the mental health nurse is: “Psychiatric nurses practice in safer environments than other specialties. Nurse-to-patient a. ratios must be better because of the nature of the patients’ problems.” “Psychiatric nurses use complex communication skills as well as critical thinking to solve b. multidimensional problems. I am challenged by those situations.” “That’s a misconception. Psychiatric nurses frequently use high technology monitoring c. equipment and manage complex intravenous therapies.” [Show More]

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