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ocr A Level Chemistry A H432/01 Question Paper June2023 H432/01 Mark Scheme Practice 2 MARKING INSTRUCTIONS PREPARATION FOR MARKING RM ASSESSOR 1. Make sure that you have accessed and completed t... he relevant training packages for on-screen marking: RM Assessor Online Training; OCR Essential Guide to Marking. 2. Make sure that you have read and understood the mark scheme and the question paper for this unit. 3. Log-in to RM Assessor and mark the required number of practice responses (“scripts”) and the required number of standardisation responses. MARKING 1. Mark strictly to the mark scheme. 2. Marks awarded must relate directly to the marking criteria. 3. The schedule of dates is very important. It is essential that you meet the RM Assessor 50% and 100% (traditional 50% Batch 1 and 100% Batch 2) deadlines. If you experience problems, you must contact your Team Leader (Supervisor) without delay. 4. If you are in any doubt about applying the mark scheme, consult your Team Leader by telephone, email or via the RM Assessor messaging system.about:blank 4/46 2about:blank 5/46 H432/01 Mark Scheme Practice 2 5. Work crossed out: a. where a candidate crosses out an answer and provides an alternative response, the crossed out response is not marked and gains no marks b. if a candidate crosses out an answer to a whole question and makes no second attempt, and if the inclusion of the answer does not cause a rubric infringement, the assessor should attempt to mark the crossed out answer and award marks appropriately. 6. Always check the pages (and additional objects if present) at the end of the response in case any answers have been continued there. If the candidate has continued an answer there then add a tick to confirm that the work has been seen. 7. There is a NR (No Response) option. Award NR (No Response) - if there is nothing written at all in the answer space [Show More]

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