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Med-Surg II HESI Exam - Set Three, Questions & Answers

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Med-Surg II HESI Exam - Set Three, Questions & Answers-Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors may be prescribed for the client with diabetes mellitus to reduce vascular changes and posterm-3s... ibly prevent or delay development of: 1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 2. Pancreatic cancer. 3. Renal failure. 4. Cerebrovascular accident. - 3 The nurse should teach the diabetic client that which of the following is the most common symptom of hypoglycemia? 1. Nervousness. 2. Anorexia. 3. Kussmaul's respirations. 4. Bradycardia. - 1 53. The nurse is assessing the client's use of medications. Which of the following medications may cause a complication with the treatment plan of a client with diabetes? 1. Aspirin. 2. Steroids. 3. Sulfonylureas. 4. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. - 2 A client with type 1 diabetes mellitus has influenza. The nurse should instruct the client to: 1. Increase the frequency of self-monitoring (blood glucose testing). 2. Reduce food intake to diminish nausea. 3. Discontinue that dose of insulin if unable to eat. 4. Take half of the normal dose of insulin. - 1 Which of the following is a priority goal for the diabetic client who is taking insulin and has nausea and vomiting from a viral illness or influenza? 1. Obtaining adequate food intake. 2. Managing own health. 3. Relieving pain. 4. Increasing activity. - 1 A client with diabetes begins to cry and says, "I just cannot stand the thought of having to give myself a shot every day." Which of the following would be the best response by the nurse? 1. "If you do not give yourself your insulin shots, you will die." 2. "We can teach your daughter to give the shots so you will not have to do it." 3. "I can arrange to have a home care nurse give you the shots every day." 4. "What is it about giving yourself the insulin shots that bothers you?" - 4 A client is to have a transsphenoidal hypophysectomy to remove a large, invasive pituitary tumor. The nurse should instruct the client that the surgery will be performed through an incision in the: 1. Back of the mouth. 2. Nose. 3. Sinus channel below the right eye. 4. Upper gingival mucosa in the space between the upper gums and lip. - 4 To help minimize the risk of postoperative respiratory complications after a hypophysectomy, during preoperative teaching, the nurse should instruct the client how to: 1. Use incentive spirometry. 2. Turn in bed. 3. Take deep breaths. 4. Cough. - 3 Following a transsphenoidal hypophysectomy, the nurse should assess the client for: 1. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. 2. Fluctuating blood glucose levels. 3. Cushing's syndrome. 4. Cardiac arrhythmias. - 1 A male client expresses concern about how a hypophysectomy will affect his sexual function. Which of the following statements provides the most accurate information about the physiologic effects of hypophysectomy? 1. Removing the source of excess hormone should restore the client's libido, erectile function, and fertility. 2. Potency will be restored, but the client will remain infertile. 3. Fertility will be restored, but impotence and decreased libido will persist. 4. Exogenous hormones will be needed to restore erectile function after the adenoma is removed. - 1 The nurse instructs the unlicensed nursing personnel (UAP) on how to provide oral hygiene for clients who cannot perform this task for themselves. Which of the following techniques should the nurse tell the UAP to incorporate into the client's daily care? 1. Assess the oral cavity each time mouth care is given and record observations. 2. Use a soft toothbrush to brush the client's teeth after each meal. 3. Swab the client's tongue, gums, and lips with a soft foam applicator every 2 hours. 4. Rinse the client's mouth with mouthwash several times a day. - 2 [Show More]

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