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NR509 Advanced Physical Assessment Final Exam Review | Q@A CHAMBERLAIN COLLEGE OF NURSING

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1. During examination the FNP finds that a patient has excessive dryness of the skin. The best term to describe this condition is Xerosis 2. A FNP notices that a patient has ascites, which indicat es ... the presence of Fluid 3. The FNP is performing percussion during an abdominal assessment. Percussion notes during the abdominal assessment may include Tympany, hyperresonance, and dullness 4. The FNP is caring for a black child who has been diagnosed with marasmus. The FNP would expect to find the Hair to be less kinky and to be copper red color 5. The FNP just noted from a patient’s medical record that the patient has a lesion that is confluent in nature. On examination the FNP would expect to find Lesions that are grouped or clustered together 6. The FNP is assessing the abdomen of a pregnant woman who is complaining of having acid indigestion all the time. The FNP knows that esophageal reflux during pregnancy can cause Pyrosis 7. The patient has abdominal borborygmi. The FNP knows that this term refers to Hyper active bowel sounds 8. A patient has a terrible itch for several months that he has been scratching continuously. On examination the FNP might expect to find Lichenification 9. During aging process, the hair can look gray or white and begin to feel thin and fine. The FNP knows that this occurs because of a decrease in number of functioning Melanocytes 10. The FNP notices that a patient has a solid, elevated, circumscribed lesion that is less than 1 cm in diameter. When documenting this finding the FNP would report this as a Papule 11. During an abdominal assessment the FNP would consider which of these findings as normal? A tympanic percussion note in the umbilical region 12. A 52 -year-old Woman has a papule on her nose that has a rounded pearly border and a central red ulcer. She said she first noticed it several months ago and that it is slowly growing larger. The FNP suspects which condition? Basal cell carcinoma 13. The FNP is listening to bowel sounds. Which of these statements is true about bowel sounds? They are usually high-pitched gurgling irregular sounds 14. The FNP is watching a new graduate FNP perform auscultation of a patient abdomen. Which statement by the new graduate shows a correct understanding of the reason auscultation proceeds percussion and palpitation of the abdomen? It prevents distortion of bowel sounds that might occur after percussion and palpation 15. A patient is complaining of a sharp pain along the costovertebral angles. The FNP knows that this symptom is most often indicative of Kidney inflammation 16. The patient is suspected of having inflammation of the gallbladder or cholecystitis. The FNP should conduct which of these techniques to assess for this condition? Test for Murphy’s sign 17. A newborn infant is in the clinic for a well baby check. The FNP observes the infant for possibility of fluid loss because of which these factors? The newborn skin is more permeable than that of an adult 18. During an assessment of a newborn infant, the FNP recalls that pyloric stenosis would be manifested by Projectile vomiting 19. A woman has come to the clinic to seek help with a substance-abuse problem. She admits to using cocaine just before arrival. Which of these assessment findings would the FNP expect to find when examining the woman? Dilated pupils, pacing, psycho motor agitation 20. A 63-year-old Chinese American man enters the office with complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Which statement most accurately reflect the FNPs best course of action? It is unclear what is happening with this patient so the FNP should perform an assessment in both the physical and psychosocial realms 21. The FNP is planning to assess new memory with the patient. The best way for the FNP to do this would be Give him the four unrelated words test [Show More]

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