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NUR2488 / NUR 2488 Mental Health Final Exam Review | Rated A Guide |LATEST, 2020/2021 | Rasmussen College

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NUR2488 / NUR 2488 Mental Health Final Exam Review | Rated A Guide |LATEST, 2020/2021 | Rasmussen College 1. Preferred questionnaire for possible alcohol abuse? - MAST (Michigan alcoholism screen... ing testing) - MAST-G for geriatrics 2. What is lithium used for? SE of toxicity? - Bipolar disorder; - tremors, ataxia, confusion, convulsion, nausea, and vomiting 3. What is alprazolam (Xanax) used for? SE? - Antianxiety/sedative. - SE: drowsiness, respiratory depression, dizziness, lethargy, physical dependence 4. If a patient is not engaged in a group of people sharing photos what might they be feeling? - Depressed, Isolated, Angry 5. Can a social worker make a decision about placement for an elderly person if that person has living family members, a POA? - No, they cannot make the decision. Nurses must educate family about decisions. 6. Characteristics of delirium. - Rapid in onset, - related to infection, - Not common with aging. - 24-72 hours, 7. What type of patients go to memory care? - Dementia or Alzheimer’s 8. What is an important intervention for patients with delirium? - Reorient them. 9. What are the primary characteristics of borderline personality disorder? - splitting people (Pitting a group against each other). - Self-defeating cycle of behavior. 10. What type of environment is a memory care unit? - 24-7 supervision. - Locked unit 11. What type of activities do you implement to interact with memory care patients? - Activities that help them to recall their past-show old photos, ask questions like what was your first job? where did you grow up? what was your parents names? 12. What does agnosia mean? - Inability to interpret sensations and hence to recognize things, typically as a result of brain damage. 13. Example of causes of agnosia? - TBI, vascular dementia. 14. What do you give a patient who has overdosed on PCP? - Benzodiazepine [Show More]

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