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NUR 2407 / NUR2407 Pharmacology Final Exam Review | Questions and asnwers | Already Rtated A | Questions and Aswers | LAtest 2020 / 2021

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NUR 2407 / NUR2407 Pharmacology Final Exam Review 1. What happens to a pregnant woman who has asthma and stops taking her medication? - Stillbirth risk 2. Would we give any antihypertensive to... a patient with a blood pressure of 90/40? - No 3. Daily weight for CHF patients on furosemide. Notify the provider when…. - Gain/loss of 1-2 lbs in 24 hours 4. What should we anticipate with warfarin and antibiotics? - Readjusted 5. If a patient is on a steroid inhaler, what should we teach this patient? - Rinse out mouth 6. If a client is experiencing tinnitus and is on aspirin, what should we do? - Notify the provider, nephrotoxic 7. If a parent is giving a patient methylphenidate, what are they giving? - Ritalin: scheduled narcotic 8. What causes fatal medication errors? - Wrong dose, wrong med, wrong time, IV VS IM wrong route, similar names 9. If an asthmatic patient is on long term steroids, what are we concerned about? - GI upset/ distress, acid suppressor 10. If we have a diabetic patient and they are refusing breakfast and don't feel well, what should we do? - Check the blood sugar 11. What factors affect a client response to medication? - Age, Gender, Genetics, Organ function, 12. If a patient comes in with shallow breath sounds and wheezing, what would be the most therapeutic med? - Albuterol- bronchodilator to get the steroid in 13. Which meds cause persistent dry cough? - ACE- prils 14. What issues would the patient report if they are on digoxin? - Yellow green halos 15. Do we put hormone therapy gel on the genital area? - NO- topically on the thigh [Show More]

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