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Li Na Chen _ Mental Health Case_Part 1 | Mental Health Case_Documentation Assignment

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Mental Health Case: Li Na Chen Documentation Assignments Part 1 1. Document the search of Mrs. Chen and her belongings on admission. Mrs. Chen was explained the reason for the search of her be... longings in order to maintain safety for her due to her suicide risk as well as for others. The items removed were a nail file, unwrapped tweezers, a travel sewing kit, a decorative pill box, a personal cell phone, a belt, shoelaces, and a string from her hoodie. 2. Document the safety checks for Day 1. The scene was checked for safety and deemed appropriate because the nurse could get out of the room if needed. 3. Document the findings of the mental status examination of Mrs. Chen on admission. Mrs. Chen is appropriately dressed for age and weather. She is clean and well-kept other than her hair, which is slightly disheveled. She has a slumped posture with no automatisms, such as tics, tremos, akathisia, or restlessness. Her mood is sad and depressed and her affect is congruent with her thought content. She does not have any indications of speech variations, like neologisms, aphasia, or pressured speech. Her thought content involved worries, frustrations, hopelessness/helplessness. She denies hallucinations. Thought process is goal-directed. She acknowledges self-harm or suicide urges as well as acknowledging death wish without suicidal intent. She denies homicidal ideation. She is positive for anhedonia. Mrs. Chen is orientated X3 with long-term memory deficits but a focused attention span. Her insight is good. 4. Document the findings of the suicide assessment of Mrs. Chen. Mrs. Chen stated, “ I cannot even do one thing right,” “I don‘t want help; I just want to get away from this pain,” “I don’t think I can go on,” when asked if Mrs. Chen has any thoughts or wishes to harm or kill herself. 5. Identify and document key nursing diagnoses for Mrs. Chen. Risk for Suicide, Ineffective Coping, Helplessness 6. Referring to your feedback log, document all nursing care provided and Mrs. Chen’s response to this care. Feedback Log [Show More]

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