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Liberty University - HIEU 202HIEU 202 Chapter 19 Quiz. ( ALL ANSWERS CORRECT )

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HIEU 202 Chapter 19 Quiz All of the following contributed to the financial weakness of the Old Regime in the later eighteenth century EXCEPT a. the impoverishment of France . b. the debts incurred... during the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War. c. royal extravagance in gifts, pensions, and court life. d. the inefficient and unjust tax system. Hide Feedback Correct The constitution produced by the Jacobins in 1793 a. repudiated the principles contained in the Declaration of Rights of 1789. b. was immediately implemented in France and all French colonies. c. failed to address the concerns of sans-culottes concerning voting rights. d. called for the abolition of slavery. Hide Feedback Correct Which of the following was NOT a policy Napoleon extended to other lands? a. abolishing the medieval guilds b. promoting secular education c. eliminating feudal privileges d. increasing restrictions on Jews and other religious minorities Hide Feedback Correct The legacies of the French Revolution include a. the weakening of the forces of nationalism. b. the growing secularization of European political life. c. the renunciation of the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment. d. the repudiation of the revolutionary mentality that sought to implement a new order. Hide Feedback Correct The "hundred days" refers to a. Napoleon's short-lived return to power after escaping from Elba. This study source was downloaded by 100000816398418 from CourseHero.com on 04-05-2021 03:14:05 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/78622892/HIEU-202-Chapter-19-Quizdocx/ [Show More]

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