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HESI A2 Grammar, Vocab, Reading, & Math Version 2 (with ANSWERS) FILES TAKEN FROM MULTIPLE DOMAINS 1. My father and I looked at her/hers. GRAMMAR 2. I am looking forward to my b... irthday party next week. A. Going B. Go C. Have D. Having 3. Coffee experts feel that the coffee blend is a dark blend. A. More greater B. Great C. Best D. More greatest 4. The nurse made a error with the medication, do the doctor made notes about it in the patients file. A. About it B. A C. With D. Made 5. Finishing isn't as important as answering correctly. A. Quick B. As quick C. So quickist D. Quickly 6. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. A lot of people enjoy baseball movies. B. The patient said he took alot of pills yesterday. C. Alotts of time drivers go too fast. 7. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. Everyone enjoys ripping the wrapping paper off their holiday gifts. B. The racer ran swiftly down the track. C. The red fox jumped quickly over the sleeping dog. D. She lit scented candles so the air will smell sweetly. 8. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. It is important to too spell correctly. B. I have two go to the gym. C. We have too kinds of desserts. D. It is too heavy for me to lift. 9. Which word is NOT USED CORRECTLY in the sentence? They're going to the mall to pick up there uniforms for their coach. A. Their B. Going C. They're D. There 10. After throwing their sleeping bags into the backseat of their car, they more than 400 miles to reach their destination. A. Driving B. Having driven C. Drove D. Had drove 11. Place the four words in alphabetical order. A. Assemble, assembled, assembling, assembly B. Assembly, assemble, assembled, assembling C. Assemble, assembly, assembling, assembled D. Assemble, assembly, assembled, assembling 12. The shopper was angry when he realized he it cheaper at the other store. A. Get B. Could have got C. Could have gotten D. Might have get 13. Which sentence is NOT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. Because he did not examine the patient, the healthcare provider prescribed her with the wrong medication. B. The nurse decided to bathe the client, than trim his nails. C. The dietician, through negligence, made a mistake with the diet plan. D. Since the child was feeling ill, the nurse sent him home. 14. What is a salutation in this address? A. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. B. 20003 (Area code) C. Ryan D. Mr. 15. I the package on the table A. Layed B. Drop C. Laid D. Lay 16. Which sentence uses fast as an adverb? A. The cars on the overpass moved fast. B. The clock on the wall is 10 minutes fast. C. The batter could not hit the fast pitch D. The fast cars drove over the bridge 17. Most children must learn for the importance of good manners. A. Themself B. Theirself C. Theirselves D. Themselves 18. Be careful not to the bottle while you carry it to the table. A. Brak B. Break C. Brick D. Brake 19. She went to the party her dislike for the host. A. Despite of B. Even though C. Although D. In spite of 20. Which word is NOT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? During the time he lived in New York, he worked as a writer, an editor, and a library. A. An B. Library C. As D. During 21. A sentence must always begin with a CAPITOL letter, but many people forget this rule. A. Must always B. Simple C. Forget D. Capitol 22. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. He did bad on the test. B. He felt bad about the broken window. C. He felt badly about being late. D. When the patient feels badly, give him an aspirin. 23. During the fight, I was hit on the . A. Head B. On head C. A head D. The head 24. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. The results suggests the patient has a bacterial infection. B. Harmony are agreeable features of classical music. C. The student were excited to have passed the test. D. The bottle of tablet has an expired expiration date. 25. My sister gave the chocolate bar to my friend and . A. Myself B. Me C. Us D. We 26. Which of the sentences below are INCOMPLETE SENTENCES? A. We sat out the next dance. (this is is also correct) B. While the band played. C. The band played a nice slow song. D. Everyone enjoyed the dance. 27. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. It was me who lost. B. It was I who won. C. The winner was him D. The runner was her. 28. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. She went to the room at the appointed time. B. I want ice cream to. C. The nurse gave me to shots. D. The patient was to cold. 29. The men and women of the graduating class A. Thorough B. Through C. Threw D. Throwing their caps in the air. 30. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. My parent's advice me of all my major transactions. B. Elle advised me to go to the dance. C. We advice all new freshmen to take a public speaking class. D. I need some good advise on how to breakup with my girlfriend. 31. Use the VERB correctly. A. A pitchfork and a halter was left on the concrete floor. B. There are a pig, sheep, and horse in the red trailer. C. Here is the cages for the 2 rabbits and 2 chickens. D. Sherri and her cousin were at the County fair this year. 32. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. Him and I are the best drivers during the day time. B. Him and me drove 6 hours to our hometown. C. Me and him took put the dirty laundry in the trunk. D. He and I took turns driving every hour after dark. 33. Which sentence is the VERB used correctly? A. I seen you standing in line at the Tilt-A-Whirl at the country fair. B. I sung the national anthem before the country fair moto-cross race. C. I ran toward the country fair arena with Nibbles the Rabbit. D. I wore a white shirt and dark jeans to show my goat at the country fair. 34. Which word is NOT CORRECTLY USED in the sentence? Confidentiality be observed at all times, so the nurse should not discuss clients when the conversation can be overheard. A. Be observed B. By C. Can be D. Should not 35. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. Sam behaved bad during Mr. Johnson's lecture. B. Mona performed badly during dance class. C. The chem lab after 3rd period smells badly. D. Joe limped bad after his collision in gym class. 36. Which word is NOT CORRECT? The student did not recognize which backpack was her's. A. Backpack B. Student C. Her’s D. Recognize - [Show More]

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