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STAT 200 STAT200 Week 6 Homework 8.1.4 Suppose you compute a confidence interval with a sample size of 100. What will happen to the confidence interval if the sample size decreases to 80? 8.2.6 In 2... 008, there were 507 children in Arizona out of 32,601 who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ("Autism and developmental," 2008). Find the proportion of ASD in Arizona with a confidence level of 99%. 8.3.2 Many people feel that cereal is healthier alternative for children over glazed donuts. Table #8.3.5 contains the amount of sugar in a sample of cereal that is geared towards children ("Healthy breakfast story," 2013). Estimate the mean amount of sugar in children cereal using a 95% confidence level. STAT 200 Week 6 Homework Problems 9.1.7 A child dying from an accidental poisoning is a terrible incident. Is it more likely that a male child will get into poison than a female child? To find this out, data was collected that showed that out of 1830 children between the ages one and four who pass away from poisoning, 1031 were males and 799 were females (Flanagan, Rooney & Griffiths, 2005). Do the data show that there are more male children dying of poisoning than female children? Test at the 1% level. 1) x1 = number male children dying from accidental poisoning x2 = number of female children dying from accidental poisoning 2) Ho: p1 = p2 3) Assumptions a) random? YES b) binomial for each? NO c) 2 samples independent? YES d) at least 5 on each side for both? YES 4) Test Stat Sample Stat 5(.5)/1830+.5(.5)/1830 = .126 / sqrt .25/1830 + .25/1830 = .126 / .017 = 7.412 5) Since our pvalue < a then we will fail to reject the Ho 6) we can conclude there is no difference between male and female children dying from poisoning 9.2.3 All Fresh Seafood is a wholesale fish company based on the east coast of the U.S. Catalina Offshore Products is a wholesale fish company based on the west coast of the U.S. Table #9.2.5 contains prices from both companies for specific fish types ("Seafood online," 2013) ("Buy sushi grade," 2013). Do the data provide enough evidence to show that a west coast fish wholesaler is more expensive than an east coast wholesaler? Test at the 5% level. (hint: let Catalina(west) be x1 and fresh(east) be x2) Table #9.2.5: Wholesale Prices of Fish in Dollars -0.786 0 1) Since my pvalue > a I will fail to reject the Ho 2) we can conclude that the west coast wholesaler is not more expensive then the east coast wholesaler. [Show More]

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