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NR 226 - exam - 3 - Study - guide-grief-and-loss(SUMMER 2021)

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* What is normal mourning and how do we facilitate normal mourning? Quiz A nurse encounters a family that experienced the death of their adult child last year. The parents are talking about the ... upcoming anniversary of their child’s death. The nurse spends time with them discussing their child’s life and death. The nurse’s action best demonstrates which nursing principle? Facilitating normal mourning Normal (uncomplicated) Grief Emotional, cognitive, social, physical, behavioral and spiritual response to loss and death. Non-pharmacological 1. Facilitating mourning 2. Providing psychosocial care 3. Promoting dignity and self-esteem 4. Promoting spiritual comfort and hope 5. Protecting against abandonment and isolation Therapeutic Communication 1. Using therapeutic communication 2. Supporting the grieving family 3. Verbal vs nonverbal communication 4. Know patient’s boundaries 5. Assisting with end-of-life decision making 6. Encourage the client to express and share grief with support people Nurse facilitate mourning: Have an open ear, Give clear explanations of the next steps to come, Encourage family to take their time, and be available. * What is the difference between mourning and grief? Grief is the emotional response to a loss, manifested in ways unique to an individual and based on personal experiences, cultural expectations, and spiritual beliefs. Subjective, natural, may begin prior to loss Coping with grief involves a period of mourning, the outward, social expressions of grief and the behavior associated with loss. * Differentiate situational, maturational, and personal loss? Quiz A man is hospitalized after surgery that amputated both lower extremities owing to injuries sustained during military service. The nurse should recognize his need to grieve for what type of loss? Situational loss 1. Situational: Sudden, unpredictable external events bring about situational loss. For example, a person in an automobile accident sustains an injury with physical changes that make it impossible to return to work or school, leading to loss of function, income, life goals, and self-esteem. 2. Maturational: is a form of necessary loss and includes all normally expected life changes across the lifespan. A mother feels loss when her child leaves home for the first day of school. A grade school child does not want to lose her favorite teacher and classroom. Maturational losses associated with normal life transitions help people develop coping skills to use when they experience unplanned, unwanted, or unexpected loss. 3. Personal Loss or Necessary Loss: ➢ Can be replaced by something different or better ➢ Some cause permanent change ➢ Death of a loved one ➢ Divorce ➢ Loss of independence ➢ changes life forever and often significantly disrupts a person's physical, psychological, and spiritual health. * Describe the different types of grief? A woman is called into her supervisor’s office regarding her deteriorating work performance since the loss of her husband 2 years ago. The woman begins sobbing and saying that she is “falling apart” at home as well. The woman is escorted to the nurse’s office, where the nurse recognizes 1. Normal Grief ➢ Emotional, cognitive, social, physical, behavioral and spiritual response 2. Complicated Grief ➢ dysfunctional grief ➢ prolonged or significantly difficult time ➢ Trouble accepting death and trusting ➢ Feels bitter, numb, and anxious 3. Anticipatory Grief ➢ Expect, await, or prepare oneself for the loss ➢ Relief after loss 4. Disenfranchised Grief [Show More]

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