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Hello, This document is a PDF file for HESI RN Health - Physical Assessment 2023 This is one of the best study review guides for HESI RN Health - Physical Assessment It contains 20 pages with 59 ... HESI questions that are answered. I am sure it will help you in reviewing and passing your HESI exam after you study your main content course. An example of a question is: A 29-year-old male client informs the nurse that he came to the clinic to see if, “Maybe I have lung cancer or something,” and wants to get checked out since “I can’t seem to get rid of this body-wracking dry cough that has been hanging around for the last six weeks.” Which computer documentation of this client’s concerns should the nurse enter? A. Presents with a hacking non-productive cough of 6 weeks duration. B. Describe having a “body-wracking dry cough” of 6 weeks duration. C. Expresses concern of “lung cancer” symptoms for the last 6 weeks. D. Young adult male presents with fears that he has “lung cancer” The correct answer is B, as the assessment process includes the chief complaint which is how the patient describe why he is here in the hospital or clinic and can’t include a diagnosis. Good luck. [Show More]

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