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HSCO 506 Exam 2 (fall 2020) Answers; Attempt score; 94/100.

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HSCO 506 Review Test Submission: Exam 2 • Question 1 One counseling benefit of Nouwen’s polarities model of spiritual formation is that we find clues as to typical counseling problems. I... f a client was at the “loneliness” end of the pole, he/she might be struggling with • Question 2 What propels a level of professionalism in Christian counseling? • Question 3 When clients come to a Christian counselor expecting to have “spirituality” included in counseling, what must we keep in mind? • Question 4 All of the models of spiritual formation have one of the same elements, which is • Question 5 According to the lecture, if someone were asked “What is spirituality?” how would they answer if they were coming from a post-modern point of view? • Question 6 From the METAMORPH perspective, what does it mean when the grid follows the idea of “many theories and techniques in service of a Christian worldview?” • Question 7 The lecture talked about internal dissonance as one reason for personal suffering. What can we say about that? • Question 8 From the lecture, when we define Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, what can we say? • Question 9 What is a main insight in Nouwen’s polarities model? • Question 10 The lectures talked about creating “free space” in the process of counseling suffering clients. What is a true statement from that discussion? • Question 11 What is the idea behind the faith tradition vs. the formation tradition in the context of spirituality; why is focusing on our formation tradition important in counseling? • Question 12 If we take into account the Formation Field approach to spiritual formation in our counseling, what is true? • Question 13 With regard to how a counselor’s temperament affects counseling, what can we say? • Question 14 From the lecture discussion of the METAMORPH grid, what is a true statement below? • Question 15 From the lecture, McMinn discusses “Three Continuous Assessment Dimensions.” Which statement below is NOT one of them? • Question 16 What determines what you emphasize in counseling and the techniques you choose? • Question 17 The lecture talked about “hospitality” as one way for a counselor to respond to suffering. How might a counselor exercise hospitality? • Question 18 Which list below provides some of the best suggestions for building a therapeutic relationship in a Christian counseling session? • Question 19 In counseling suffering people, what principle is true from the lectures? • Question 20 In providing hospitality and solidarity to a suffering client, what is true? • Question 21 According to the lecture, the fact that psychologists sometimes talk about “spirituality” gives affirmation to the yearning for experiences that all people seem to have. • Question 22 One way to move your counselee from “stranger” to friend, is to ask the tough questions. • Question 23 Consistent with the concept of hospitality is the expectation that there should always be conversation in the counseling relationship. • Question 24 According to the lecture, when we counsel those who are suffering, we, as counselors, should never disclose our own personal struggles. • Question 25 There is little connection between a counselor’s worldview and the theory that a counselor chooses to promote healing. • Question 26 The lecture emphasized that a characteristic of Christian counseling was an absolute reliance on technique. • Question 27 It is not really important that a counselor assess his/her own feelings toward a potential client. • Question 28 We can be “pleasantly inflexible” in our counseling by holding on to our foundational set of beliefs. • Question 29 Clarifying your role as a counselor can actually contribute to healing for a suffering client. • Question 30 The key idea of spirituality is to have a unified life. [Show More]

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