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NURS 6521 - Advanced Pharmacology MIDTERM Exam

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Question 11 out of 1 pointsTo perform the Rinne test, place the tuning fork on the:Selected Answer:mastoid bone.Question 21 out of 1 pointsMr. Johnson presents with a freely movable cystic mass in ... the midline of the high neck region at the base of the tongue. This is most likely a:Selected Answer:D. thyroglossal duct cyst.Question 31 out of 1 pointsNuchal rigidity is most commonly associated with:Selected Answer:B. meningeal irritation.Question 41 out of 1 pointsMrs. Leonard brings her newborn infant into the pediatrician's office for a first well-baby visit. As the health care provider, you teach her that newborns are more vulnerable to hypothermia due to:Selected Answer:D. a poorly developed subcutaneous fat layer.Question 51 out of 1 pointsBulging of an amber tympanic membrane without mobility is most often associated with:Selected Answer:middle ear effusion.Question 61 out of 1 pointsYou are examining a pregnant patient and have noted a vascular lesion. When you blanche over the vascular lesion, the site blanches and refills evenly from thecenter outward. The nurse documents this lesion as a:Downloaded by Oscar David ([email protected])lOMoARcPSD|8791657 Selected Answer:B. spider angioma.Question 71 out of 1 pointsWhich cranial nerves innervate the face?Selected Answer:C. V and VIIQuestion 81 out of 1 pointsThe most common form of birth trauma of the scalp is:Selected Answer:caput succedaneum.Question 91 out of 1 pointsMr. Sanchez is a 45-year-old gentleman who has presented to the office for a physical examination to establish a new primary care health care provider. Which of the following describes a physical, not a cultural, differentiator?Selected Answer:RaceQuestion 101 out of 1 pointsA 22-year-old female nurse is interviewing an 86-year-old male patient. The patient avoids eye contact and answers questions only by saying, "Yeah," "No," or"I guess so." Which of the following is appropriate for the interviewer to say or ask?Selected Answer:Are you uncomfortable talking with me?Question 111 out of 1 pointsTuning forks with a frequency of 500 to 1000 Hz are most commonly used to measure:Selected Answer:hearing range of normal speech.Question 12 [Show More]

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