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MN 502 Unit 5 Quiz - Question and Answers 100% verifiied

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According to the health behavior model, which statement exemplifies a cue to action? 2. Which is not a strategy typically employed by social cognitive theorists to increase patient self-efficacy? 3.... Which scenario best exemplifies the principles of classical conditioning? 4. According to Travelbee’s human-to-human relationship model, what is the basic goal of nursing? 5. Which concept is an important component of cognitive learning theory? 6. Which health behavior theory examines not only an individual’s view of their actions, but whether or not the individual believes family members and friends would approve or disapprove of their behavior? 7. Which action would most likely occur during the preorientation phase of Peplau’s theory? 8. Which choice is not one of the three most dominant theories or models of health behavior in use today? 9. Which statement would an adherent of Orlando’s nursing process theory most likely make? 10. Which idea is common to both cognitive learning theory and social constructivism? [Show More]

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