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NURS 6541 Week 11 Quiz - Question and Answers

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NURS 6541 Week 11 Quiz - Question and Answers 1. Which of the following children is most likely to have a febrile seizure? 2. The most definitive features of “growing pains” include: 3. Which o... f the following diagnostic tests are indicated for a child with a first-time nontraumatic, non-febrile seizure? 4. Which of the following is characteristic of slipped capital femoral epiphysis? 5. Which of the following signs is characteristic of Duchenne muscular dystrophy? 6. Which of the following statements regarding Osgood-Schlatter disease is true? 7. Which of the following statements regarding scoliosis is correct? 8. Correct management of a dislocated hip in the newborn is likely to include: 9. Which of the following diagnostic tests should be performed routinely following an episode of bacterial meningitis? 10. Michael is a 3-year-old with a recent upper respiratory tract infection. His mother states he began limping in the last 24 hours and he is complaining of anterior thigh pain on the affected side. He is afebrile, is unable to move his hip without considerable pain, and is maintaining his hip in a flexed, externally rotated position. This scenario is consistent with: [Show More]

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