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SAFe Certification 5.1 Exam 2024/2025/ SAFe Certification 5.1 Test (answered solution guide)

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Safe 5.1 Test Questions & Answers What must management do for a successful Agile transformation? How does SAFe provide a second operating system that enables Business Agility? What is Busin... ess Agility? What are the last three steps of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap? What can be used as a template for putting SAFe into practice within an organization? Which of the core competencies of the Lean Enterprise helps align strategy and execution? What is the foundation of the SAFe House of Lean? The House of Lean is a classic metaphor describing the mindset essential for Lean thinking. Which one of the four pillars advocates a 'Go See' mindset? Which statement fits with the SAFe Core Value of Built-in Quality? Which statement is a value from the Agile Manifesto? When basing decisions on economics, how are lead time, product cost, value, and development expense used? Which is an aspect of systems thinking? What are the three primary keys to implementing flow? (Choose three.) What is an example of applying cadence-based synchronization in SAFe? What is one benefit of unlocking the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers? What is the biggest benefit of decentralized decision-making? What is the basic building block when organizing around value? What is one issue when organizing around hierarchical functions? The Agile Release Train uses which type of teams to get work done? Product Management has content authority over the Program Backlog. What do Product Owners have content authority over? What is part of the role of Product Management? Which two quality practices apply to Agile teams? (Choose two.) - Design Thinking identifies at least four new ways to measure success. What are two of those ways? (Choose two.) What is the impact of Customer Centricity? Which statement correctly describes one aspect of the team's commitment at the end of PI Planning? Which two statements are true about uncommitted objectives? (Choose two.) - What is considered an anti-pattern when assigning business values to team PI Objectives? On day two of PI Planning, management presents adjustments based on the previous day's management review and problem solving meeting. What is one possible type of adjustment they could make? What is found on a program board? Who has content authority to make decisions at the User Story level during Program Increment (PI) Planning? In the Program Kanban some steps have work in process (WIP) limits. Why is this necessary? What is one of the Agile Release Train sync meetings? Which statement is true about the Innovation and Planning (IP) Iteration? What is one component of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline? Which statement is true about DevOps? If a program repeatedly shows separate Feature branches rather than a true System Demo, which practice should be reviewed to address the issue? What is the best measure of progress for complex system development? What can be used to capture the current state of the portfolio? Which statement accurately characterizes Strategic Themes? What is a minimum viable product? How is the flow of Portfolio Epics managed? What is the last step in Kotter's approach to change management? What can be used to script the change to SAFe? What is one Guardrail on Lean Budget spend? Learning Milestones as objective measurements Participatory budgeting Spending caps for each Agile Release Train Continuous Business Owner engagement [Show More]

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