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HSCO 511 Exam 2 Liberty University answers complete solutions : All answers Correct.

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HSCO 511: Exam 2 • Question 1 Near the end of a session, a member wants to share something deep and personal. The leader should • Question 2 The cohesiveness of a te... am is indicated by the following, EXCEPT: • Question 3 Steiner found that group productivity depends mainly on • Question 4 Improvement in task performance that occurs when people work in the presence of others is known as social • Question 5 Co-leaders who differ somewhat in their approach, and who are pulling the group in opposite directions may benefit most from using which model of co-leadership? • Question 6 According to Rogelberg’s research, who is likely to most dislike meetings? • Question 7 An essential leadership skill is monitoring nonverbal cues. Which of the following is NOT recommended when noticing several group members nodding their heads? • Question 8 Which of the following is FALSE regarding dyads? The leader should • Question 9 Hersey and Blanchard’s life cycle theory suggests that effective leaders emphasize • Question 10 The control of a charismatic leader comes from what type of power? • Question 11 Jacobs et al. suggest using summarizing for all of the following reasons EXCEPT to • Question 12 Teams are • Question 13 If I think a good leader should be intelligent, responsible, competitive, and well-balanced, I probably take a(n) _______ approach to leadership. • Question 14 All of the following are true with regard to dyads EXCEPT • Question 15 A group member has been talking for some time. The leader asks members to pair up with a partner and discuss their thoughts and feelings about what the member has shared. In this instance, the leader • Question 16 Leadership is best defined as • Question 17 From a group dynamics perspective, obedience was high in the Milgram experiment because of the • Question 18 An inexperienced leader who lacks cutting off or drawing out skills may spend too much time __________ the focus. • Question 19 When setting up a round, the leader needs to do each of the following EXCEPT • Question 20 Jacobs et al. do not advise shifting the focus • Question 21 The implicit leadership theory argues that • Question 22 The leader should cut off a member for all of the following reasons EXCEPT if the member • Question 23 Obedience rates in Milgram’s studies were lowest in the ______ condition. • Question 24 Which of the following is NOT recommended when drawing out a member? • Question 25 A leader who says, “In a word or phrase, how are you feeling about being in this group" is initiating a _______ round. • Question 26 Clarifying rambling or confusing comments made by a member can be done using each of the following techniques EXCEPT • Question 27 Teams with members who vary in ability and skill • Question 28 An inspirational approach to leading others that involves elevating followers’ motivation, confidence, and satisfaction is____________ leadership. • Question 29 In which of the following situations would it NOT be appropriate for the leader to use the technique of cutting off? • Question 30 Which is FALSE according to Forsyth? • Question 31 The leader may use his or her eyes to do each of the following EXCEPT • Question 32 According to Forsyth, persistence, supplication, discussion, and instruction are all examples of • Question 33 Group polarization is the • Question 34 According to Jacobs et al., silence from a member may indicate all of the following EXCEPT that the member • Question 35 Which is true? • Question 36 Studies suggest that social loafing can be avoided if • Question 37 What is the meaning of the phrase, the “romance of teams?” • Question 38 The tendency for individuals to become less productive as group size increases is known as • Question 39 Which of the following should NOT be used to deepen the focus of a session? • Question 40 The “I” in the ODDI decision process model stands for [Show More]

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