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NURS 6501N Week 11 Quiz – Question with Answers – Walden University (Verified a clean "A+")

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NURS 6501N Week 11 Quiz – Question with Answers – Walden University A 19-year-old female presents with genital warts. Which of the following would cause this condition? In the majority of cases �... �..puberty is due to: A 35-year-old female is ….with endometriosis. Suppressing which of the following would be the most appropriate medical treatment for this disease? The nurse would anticipate the treatment for pelvic organ prolapse to be: While preparing to teach the staff about female anatomy, which information should be included? During the years that a woman is more likely to be sexually active, the vagina mucosa is protected from infection by: While speaking to a group of older males, which information should the nurse share? The following is a normal characteristic of aging and the male reproductive system: A 40-year-old female presents with cramping and excessive vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound reveals benign uterine tumors in the smooth muscle cells of the myometrium. These tumors are commonly called: The most commonly occurring cancer of the female reproductive tract is _____ cancer. Changes in the cervical mucus can be used to identify the periods in which a female is most fertile. How should the nurse describe cervical mucus during ovulation? Which information indicates the nurse has a good understanding of the menstrual cycle? When estrogen and progesterone levels drop, the endometrium enters the _____ phase. Copy of The nurse would anticipate the treatment for pelvic organ prolapse to be: An 18-year-old female is …..with dysmenorrhea. Which of the following symptoms will she most likely experience? A 21-year-old female is …..with human papillomavirus (HPV) following unprotected sexual intercourse with a male she recently met. She is now at higher risk of developing which of the following cancers? A nurse is teaching the staff about female hormones. Which hormone promotes the formation of channels in the mucus of the cervical os to facilitate sperm movement into the uterus? When the nurse describes the duct that carries the ovum from the ovary to the uterus, what is the nurse discussing? The nurs 6501n week 11 quiz A 20-year-old female presents with pelvic and back pain severe enough to miss work. She reports that the pain occurs with the onset of menses. Physical examination fails to find pelvic pathology. The most likely cause of her condition is: When discussing the difference between male and female sex hormones, which information should the nurse include? The major difference between male and female sex hormone production is that: A 25-year-old female presents with amenorrhea and hirsutism. She is diagnosed with PCOS. Lab testing will most likely reveal: A syndrome often associate with cystocele is: An example of a parasitic STI that is transmitted through close skin-to-skin contact is: Symptoms of prostatitis are similar to symptoms of nurs 6501n week 11 quiz A nursing student asks the nurse where the glands of Montgomery are located. How should the nurse reply? The glands of Montgomery are located in the: A 23-year-old sexually active female presents with white copious discharge and itch. She is ….with yeast vaginitis caused by overgrowth of which microorganism? When a staff member asks which structure secretes glucose-rich fluid into the semen, how should the nurse respond? A middle-aged male speaks to his physician about benign BPH. He reveals that his father was recently ….with this condition, and he wants to know if he could have it. The physician tells him that a common complaint from men with mild to moderate BPH is: A 38-year-old female was recently diagnose with cancer. She learns that her mother almost miscarried while pregnant with her and was given diethylstilbestrol (DES) to prevent it. Which of the following cancers does she most likely have? Which of the following signs is usually the first clinical manifestation of breast cancer? When a teenager asks what makes the breast grow, what is the nurse’s best response? The hormone that promotes breast development during puberty is nurs 6501n week 11 quiz Progesterone is often … as “the hormone of pregnancy,” and the patient asks what this phrase means. How should the nurse respond? Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy because it: A 35-year-old female presents with infertility and gradual blindness. She reports that she has otherwise been healthy. History reveals that she was promiscuous and had unprotected sexual intercourse several times when she was younger. She now has neurological involvement. Which of the following sexually transmitted infection (STI) does she most likely have? When a staff member asks the nurse what the thick middle layer of the uterine wall is called, what is the nurse’s best response? The: _____ is inflammation of the glans penis. A 21-year-old male presents with inflammation of the testes. He has a high fever and edema and redness of the testes. Which organism is the most likely the cause of his symptoms? A 56-year-old female is in menopause. She has ovarian failure. While checking the lab results, which of the following will the nurse find? When a patient who is trying to get pregnant asks where the usual site of fertilization is, how should the nurse respond? The nurs 6501n week 11 quiz A student asks the instructor which of the following hormones stimulates follicular maturation. How should the instructor respond? A 40-year-old male is …..about the possibility of developing prostate cancer. He reports that his father died of prostate cancer, and he wants to take all preventive measures…… A patient asks the nurse what is the most sensitive area of the penis. What is the nurse’s best answer? The area of the penis with the most nerve endings is the: What term should the nurse use when discussing male sex hormones collectively? When the nurse is teaching about the menstrual cycle, which information should be included? Menstruation is ….by the _____ phase of the menstrual cycle. [Show More]

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