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Test Bank - Pedriatic - 2020 Updated - MATERNITY AND PEDIATRIC NURSING 3Ed by RICCI

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After discussing various methods of contraception with a client and her partner, thenurse determines that the teaching was successful when they identify which contraceptive method as providing prote... ction against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? A) Oral contraceptives B) Tubal ligationC) Condoms D) Intrauterine system 2. When discussing contraceptive options, which method would the nurserecommend as being the most reliable? A) Coitus interruptus B) Lactational amenorrheal method (LAM) C) Natural family planningD) Intrauterine system 3. NURSINGTB.COM A client comes to the clinic with abdominal pain. Based on her history the nurse suspects endometriosis. The nurse expects to prepare the client for which of the following to confirm this suspicion? A) Pelvic examination B) Transvaginal ultrasoundC) Laparoscopy D) Hysterosalpingogram 4. A client is to receive an implantable contraceptive. The nurse describes thiscontraceptive as containing: A) Synthetic progestin B) Combined estrogen and progestin C) Concentrated spermicide D) Concentrated estrogen5. The nurse discusses various contraceptive methods with a client and her partner. Which method would the nurse explain as being available only with a prescription? A) Condom TestBankWorld.org NURSINGTB.COM B) SpermicideC) Diaphragm D) Basal body temperature6 [Show More]

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