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Under the ______ of their mother, the newborn kittens knew they were protected, since any predator would have to harm their mother before it could get to them. A] aegis B] negligence C] truancy D] ... apostasy E] primogeniture 2. In the decade after the revolution, the new government seemed to ______and was never quite ______; this period ultimately led to a second revolution in which the current ruling party took power. A] careen ... ephemeral B] fortify ... faltering C] waver ... flimsy D] coagulate ... tenable E] totter ... stable . Because the boy had told so many ______ tales about seeing wolves, none of the villagers believed him when he actually did see a wolf. A] fallacious B] verifiable C] scrupulous D] fictitious E] concrete 1. [A] 2. [E] 3. [C] 4. [E] [Show More]

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