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ATI Peds proctored exam complete study guide_Latest (summer 2020)

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ATI pediatrics proctored exam Chapter 1: Family centered nursing care Chapter 2: Physical assessment findings Chapter 3: Health promotion of infants (2 days to 1 year) Chapter 4: Hea... lth Promotion of Toddlers (1 to 3 years) Chapter 5: Health Promotion of Preschoolers (3-6 years) Chapter 6: Health promotion of School-Age children (6-12 years) Chapter 7: Health promotion of Adolescents (12 to 20 years) Chapter 8: Safe Medication Administration Chapter 9: Pain management Chapter 10: Hospitalization, illness, and play Chapter 11: Death and Dying Chapter 12: Acute Neurological disorders Chapter 13: Seizures Chapter 14: Head injury Chapter 15: Cognitive and sensory impairments Chapter 16: Oxygen and Inhalation therapy Chapter 17: Acute and infectious respiratory illnesses Chapter 18: Asthma Chapter 19: Cystic Fibrosis Chapter 20: Cardiovascular disorders Chapter 21: Hematologic disorders Chapter 22: Acute infectious GI disorders Chapter 23: Gastrointestinal structural and inflammatory disorders Chapter 24: Enuresis and Urinary tract infections Chapter 25: Structural Disorders of the genitourinary tract and Reproductive system Chapter 26: Renal disorders Chapter 27: Fractures Chapter 28: Musculoskeletal congenital disorders Chapter 29: Chronic Neuromusculoskeletal disorders Chapter 30: Skin infections and infestations Chapter 31: Dermatitis and Acne Chapter 32: Burns Chapter 33: Diabetes Mellitus Chapter 34: Growth Hormone deficiency Chapter 35: Immunizations Chapter 36: Communicable Diseases Chapter 37: Otitis Media Chapter 38: HIV/AIDS Chapter 39: Organ neoplasms Chapter 40: Blood Neoplasms Chapter 43: Pediatric Emergencies Chapter 44: Psychosocial issues of infants, children and adolescents [Show More]

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