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Information Technology questions with accurate answers.

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. Which of these design elements consider the flow of the communication? a. Balance b. Variety c. Rhythm d. Layout ANSWER: C 2. In a gaming system, what acts as the encoder? a. Gaming box b. C... entral processor c. Controller d. Television ANSWER: B 3. What is the safest way to send a secure document using either the internet or intranet? a. Fax b. Fiber-optic cable c. Satellite d. Telephone land line ANSWER: B 4. A student is watching the final quarter of the Super Bowl on his digital T which uses DirecTV as the network. Rain starts to fall and the image becomes very pixilated. This is an example of communication ___________. a. Breakdown b. Interference c. Feedback d. Decoding ANSWER: B 5. Compared to body copy, display type are ____________. a. Larger point size b. Smaller point size c. Smaller font d. Serif ANSWER: A [Show More]

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