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Advertising Promotion & Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications, 9e Shimp-Test Bank

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Advertising Promotion & Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications, 9e Shimp-Test BankMany companies treat the various communication elements, such as advertising, sales promotions, publ... ic relations, and so on, as virtually separate activities rather than integrated tools that work together to achieve a common goal.One reason firms have not practiced IMC is because outside suppliers, such as advertising, public relations, and promotion agencies, have been reluctant to broaden their function beyond the one aspect of marketing communications in which they have developed expertise and built their reputations.. By closely integrating multiple communication tools and media, brand managers achieve duplicity, which means multiple methods in combination with one another yield more positive communication results than do the tools used individually.The mixture of communications elements and the determination of messages, media, and momentum are all fundamental decisions in the brand-level marcom decision process.Coupons, trade shows, buying allowances, premiums, and price-off deals are all examples of _____. a. media advertising b. promotions c. place advertising d. point-of-purchase advertising e. public relations [Show More]

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