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Test Bank for Advertising Promotion & Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications 9th Edition by J. Craig Andrews & Terence Shimp - Complete, Elaborated and Latest Solution Manual. ALL Chapters (1-8) Included and Updated

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The marketing mix for a brand consists of _____. a. product b. price c. promotion d. place e. All of these are correct. ANS: E PTS: 1 2. Marketing communications is used by which type of organi... zation? a. business-to-business organizations b. consumer marketing organizations c. not-for-profit organizations d. None of these are correct. e. All of these are correct. ANS: E PTS: 1 3. Which of the following is NOT a form of media advertising? a. television b. radio c. magazines d. sales promotions e. newspapers ANS: D PTS: 1 4. Coupons, trade shows, buying allowances, premiums, and price-off deals are all examples of _____. a. media advertising b. promotions c. place advertising d. point-of-purchase advertising e. public relations ANS: B PTS: 1 5. Which term is preferred by most marketing practitioners to refer to the collection of advertising, sales promotions, public relations, event marketing, and other communication devices? a. marketing promotion b. promotion c. sales promotion d. marketing communications e. integrated marketing communications ANS: D PTS: 1 6. Which of the following terms serves as a summary means for describing all forms of marketing focus? a. product b. brand c. communication d. promotion e. integration ANS: B PTS: 1 7. Which of the following could be a brand? a. product b. service c. retail outlet d. person e. All of these are correct. ANS: E PTS: 1 8. Current marketing philosophy holds that _____ is absolutely imperative for success. a. direct marketing b. e-mail c. coupons d. integration e. assessment ANS: D PTS: 1 9. _____ is the philosophy and practice of carefully coordinating a brand’s sundry marketing communications elements. a. Interactive marketing b. Branding c. Synergistic marketing communications d. Synergistic marketing e. Integrated marketing communications ANS: E PTS: 1 10. Which of the following has NOT been a reason for the reluctance to change from a single-function, specialist model to an IMC model? a. no way to assess the effectiveness of integration b. managerial parochialism c. fear that change might lead to possible budget cutbacks in their areas of control d. reluctance of agencies to broaden their function beyond the one aspect of marketing communications in which they have developed expertise and built their reputations e. fear of reduction in authority and power [Show More]

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