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PSY 550 Week 3 Assignment, Informed Consent and Debriefing

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Research Participant Name: Informed consent is a signed or verbal agreement in which participants state they are willing to participate in a research study after being informed of all aspects of ... their role in the study (Privitera, 2020). Introduction Extensive research has been devoted to study the impact of exercise on mental health and well- being for people experiencing a mental illness (Mazyarkin, Peleg, Golani, Sharony, Kremer & Shamir, 2019). It is indisputable that regular physical exercise is crucial to health promotion, disease prevention, and mental health (Klaperski, Koch, Hewel, Schempp & Muller, 2019). The purpose of this consent form will provide pertinent information necessary for any participant wanting to take part in this study. Invitation I am a Psychology Graduate Student at Grand Canyon University, inviting you to participate in a research study of the impact of exercise on mental health and well-being. Purpose The purpose of the study will demonstrate the effects of physical activity on overall patient mental health state and physiological fitness. Physical inactivity has been described as the leading risk factor for global mortality, accounting for 27% of diabetes and 30% of ischemic heart diseases (Mazyarkin, Peleg, Golani, Sharony, Kremer & Shamir, 2019). Description of the Research Study As a participant in this clinical study, the program will examine the effects of group-based exercise programs for participants with chronic mental health. This study will involve 100 participants conducting physical exercise three times per week for 1 hour in small groups. During and following the physical exercise program changes in psychiatric well-being, empathy, and physiological fitness factor (e.g., fasting blood glucose, lipid profile, hemoglobin A1C, and BMI) will be monitored. Risks & Benefits This study includes a small number of patients in each study group (6-10 participants). Exercise is required for the study, participants who suffer from metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and stroke will be screened and monitored. Duration of physical activity within the groups will be 1 hour and does not factor in participant current nutrition and health lifestyle. The benefits of the diverse groups may yield more significant health results and conclusions. Providing evidence for the beneficial effect of physical exercise on mental health, leading to healthy lifestyle modifications, improving overall health - physical and mental. [Show More]

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