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Maternal Newborn ATI Questions & Answers. well compiled, with comprehensive answers. Graded A+

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Around what time period is it possible to first hear the fetal heart tones? - End of first trimester. 10th or 11th week of gestation. Where should you position the device to listen to a fetal hea... rt tone? - Start at midline above the symphysis pubis. Slowly move around abdomen if not heard right away. What two things can make it hard to hear fetal heart tones? - Excessive amniotic fluid (hydraminos) or excessive subcutaneous fat. What is the name of the assessment for assessing gestational age? What age group is it appropriate for? - New Ballard Score (20-44 weeks of gestation) What is the time limit for using the new ballard score after a baby is born? - Specifically within 12 hours for less than or equal to 26 gestational weeks. (Within 48 hours for majority of babies). What things do you assess with the new ballard score? - Six neuromuscular and six physical characteristics. What is the leopold maneuver used for? - Determine number of fetuses, the presenting part, the fetal lie, the fetal altitude, the fetal position, the degree of the descent into the pelvis, and the best location for auscultating fetal heart tones. What should you do before starting the leopold maneuver? - Have patient use the bathroom to avoid discomfort. What is the minimum hospital stay that all health care plans are mandated to cover for a vaginal birth? C-section? - 48 Hours; 96 hours When can you remove the cord clamp? - When the cord is dry, about 24 hours of age. Patient education for cord care? - Clean the stump with water, let dry. Watch for swelling, redness at the base, purulent drainage, and a foul odor. Do not cover stump with diaper. When does the rest of the umbilical cord usually fall off? - 10 to 14 days after birth. When can a baby progress from a sponge bath to a tub bath? - When the umbilical cord stump falls off Should you bathe the newborn daily? - No it is unnecessary and can disrupt the skin integrity. How do you prevent/treat diaper rash? - clean the area after each bowel movement and urination, apply zinc oxide to protect the skin. Signs of a diaper rash caused by Candida albicans which require antifungal ointment and possibly oral treatment. - Severe erythema in the perianal area, inguinal folds, and lower abdomen. Comfort techniques for a new born? - Swaddling, soothing noise, skin-to-skin contact, patting, back rubbing, cradle, or rocking chair. Signs of illness in which parent should contact the provider (Infants). - Significantly high or low axillary temps, frequent vomiting, poor feeding, diarrhea, decreased urination or bowel movement, cyanosis, breathing difficulties, lethargy, inconsolable crying, eye drainage, or bleeding from the umbilical cord or circumcision. Recommendations for breast feeding? - Exclusively for first 6 months. For the first two days, how much fluid does a newborn need? - 60 to 80 ml per kg per day For days 3-6, how much fluid does a newborn need? - 100 to 150 ml/kg/day [Show More]

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