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Drugs, Behaviour and Society 3rd Canadian Edition 3rd Edition By Carl Hart, Charles Ksir, Andrea Hebb, Robert Gilbert (Test Bank All Chapters)

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SECTION ONE - Drug Use in Modern Society Chapter 1 Drug Use: An Overview? Chapter 2 Drug Use as a Social Problem? Chapter 3 Drug Policy? SECTION TWO - How Drugs Work Chapter 4 The Nervous System? Ch... apter 5 The Actions of Drugs? SECTION THREE - Uppers and Downers Chapter 6 Stimulants? Chapter 7 Depressants and Inhalants? Chapter 8 Psychotherapeutic Drugs: Medication for Mental Disorders? SECTION FOUR - Alcohol Chapter 9 Alcohol? SECTION FIVE - Familiar Drugs Chapter 10 Tobacco? Chapter 11 Caffeine? Chapter 12 Natural Health Products and Over-the-Counter Drugs? SECTION SIX - Restricted Drugs Chapter 13 Opioids? Chapter 14 Hallucinogens? Chapter 15 Cannabis? Chapter 16 Performance-Enhancing Drug Abuse? SECTION SEVEN - Prevention and Treatment Chapter 17 Preventing Substance Abuse? Chapter 18 Treating Substance-Related Disorders? [Show More]

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