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Palliative Care Perspectives 2nd Edition By James Hallenbeck [PDF] [eBook]

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Palliative Care Perspectives is a guide to the art and science of palliative care that links real stories of illness with practical advice to delineate clinical practice in a way that reflects the dai... ly concerns of clinicians. Clearly and compassionately written, this book emphasizes important topics often neglected in formal clinical training, including the history and evolution of palliative care in the United States, as well as how clinicians can better understand aging and dying from both a physiological and human perspective. Written by a recognized pioneer in the field of palliative care, each chapter highlights this human approach to illness with narratives and anecdotes drawn from decades of practice experience. This new edition features thoroughly updated research and citations, a new chapter on burnout and compassion fatigue, and a significant expansion of the topic of intercultural communication. Well-grounded in the academic literature, Palliative Care Perspectives is [Show More]

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