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Medical Biochemistry 2nd Edition By Antonio Blanco, Gustavo Blanco [PDF] [eBook]

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This second edition of Medical Biochemistry is supported by more than 45 years of teaching experience, providing coverage of basic biochemical topics, including the structural, physical, and chemical ... properties of water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. In addition, the general aspects of thermodynamics, enzymes, bioenergetics, and metabolism are presented in straightforward and easy-to-comprehend language. This book ties these concepts into more complex aspects of biochemistry using a systems approach, dedicating chapters to the integral study of biological phenomena, including cell membrane structure and function, gene expression and regulation, protein synthesis and post-translational modifications, metabolism in specific organs and tissues, autophagy, cell receptors, signal transduction pathways, biochemical bases of endocrinology, immunity, vitamins and minerals, and hemostasis. The field of biochemistry is continuing to grow at a fast pace. This edition has been revised and expanded with all-new sections on the cell plasma membrane, the human microbiome, autophagy, noncoding, small and long RNAs, epigenetics, genetic diseases, virology and vaccines, cell signaling, and different modes of programmed cell death. The book has also been updated with full-color figures, new tables, chapter summaries, and further medical examples to improve learning and better illustrate the concepts described and their clinical significance. [Show More]

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