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Test Bank For Introductory Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 4th Edition (GRADED A+)

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Test Bank For Introductory maternity and pediatric nursing 4th edition hatfield Chapter 1: The Nurse's Role in a Changing Maternal–Child Health Care Environment MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which pri... nciple of teaching should the nurse use to ensure learning in a family situation? a. Motivate the family with praise and positive feedback. b. Learning is best accomplished with the lecture format. c. Present complex subject material first while the family is alert and ready to learn. d. Families should be taught using medical jargon so they will be able to understand the technical language used by physicians. ANS: A Praise and positive feedback are particularly important when a family is trying to master a frustrating task such as breastfeeding. A lively discussion stimulates more learning than a straight lecture, which tends to inhibit questions. Learning is enhanced when the teaching is structured to present the simple tasks before the complex material. Even though a family may understand English fairly well, they may not understand the medical terminology or slang terms that are used. PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Application REF: 18, 19 OBJ: Nursing Process Step: Planning MSC: Client Needs: Health Promotion and Maintenance 2. Which nursing intervention is an independent function of the nurse? a. Administering oral analgesics b. Requesting diagnostic studies c. Teaching the client perineal care d. Providing wound care to a surgical incision [Show More]

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