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ATI RN Fundamentals Online Practice 2022 A 61 QUESTIONS WITH 100% CORRECT ANSWERS

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A nurse is teaching a client and his family how to care for the client's tracheostomy at home. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? a. remove the outer can... nula cautiously for routine cleaning b. use tracheostomy covers when outdoors c. use sterile technique when performing tracheostomy care at home d. cleanse irritated skin with full-strength hydrogen peroxide - b. use tracheostomy covers when outdoors -tracheostomy covers protect the client's airway from cold air, dust, and other airborne particles A home health nurse is performing a follow-up visit for a client who has a gastrostomy tube through which they receive intermittent feedings and medications. The client has recently developed diarrhea. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as a possible cause of the diarrhea? a. the client is receiving formula at room temperature b. the feedings infuse at a slow, continuous drip over 8 hr each night c. the client's caregiver washes out the feeding bag with warm water once every 24 hr d. the client's caregiver flushes the tubing with water before and after administering medications - c. the client's caregiver washes out the feeding bag with warm water once every 24 hr -feeding bags should be washed out after each feeding and replaced with a new feeding bag every 24 hr to prevent bacterial contamination. The nurse should reinforce this information with the client's caregiver to avoid future contamination A nurse is talking with an older adult client who is contemplating retirement. The client states, "I keep thinking about how much I enjoy my job. I'm not sure I want to retire." Which of the following responses should the nurse make? a. "You would have so much more time to spend with your family." b. "You should consider getting a part-time job or doing volunteer work." c. "Let's talk about how the change in yo [Show More]

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