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Leadership ATI review 117 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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The ______________ _____________ is a multidisciplinary tool that guides client care and bases outcomes on an externally imposed timeline; outlines what the team must complete in a timely manner t... o achieve *desired client outcomes & an appropriate length of stay for that particular dx*; *cost effective care* - critical pathway ___________ leaders use rewards to motivate followers and maintain status quo - transactional _______________ leaders empower followers to assume responsibility for communal vision, and personal development is a secondary outcome - transformational 5 Major Management functions - planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling The nurses uses ___________ _____________ to determine client outcomes desired and/or achieved as indicated by evidence-based practices - clinical judgment Process of transferring authority, accountability, and responsibility of client care to another member of the health care team - assigning Process of transferring authority and responsibility to another team member *to complete a task*, while retaining accountability - Delegating Process of directing, monitoring, and evaluating performance of tasks by another member of the health care team. RNs are responsible for the supervision of client care tasks delegated to APs and PNs - supervising Can a nurse delegate checking NG tube patency to a PN? - yes Can a PN insert a foley? - yes Can a PN perform trach care and suction? - yes Can a PN perform client teaching? - NO (they can reinforce it) 5 delegation rights - Right task [Show More]

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