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Green light Answers (2).Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 452

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A nurse is planning care for a client who has a new diagnosis of HIV. I can’t seem to gain any weight Disaster triage following a natural disaster A client who has agonal respirations Client rep... orts chest pain. Which of the following laboratory findings indicates myocardial damage Troponin I 1.8 ng/mL Child who has pediculosis capitis Store nonwashable items in plastic bags for 14 days Child who is unresponsive and has increased intracranial pressure Pad the side rails of the bed Client who is 8 hr postoperative following a right-modified radical mastectomy Coughing, frothy, pink secretions Newborn nursery is performing assessments on four neonates that are all less than 24 hr old pinna below the outer canthus of the eye Several client measurements were obtained with morning vital signs A 4-year old who has closed head injury and heart rate of 60 Tetralogy of fallot Pulse oximeter Medical unit received change-of-shift report 68 year old Recovering from an acute myocardial infarction. left sided heart failure Bilateral lung crackles Nutritional assessment on a client who has a calcium deficiency Osteogenesis Involuntarily admitted to the psychiatric unit following a failed suicide attempt experimental treatment Witness consent before medication administration Education to the mother of a toddler who has pertussis ...Answer missing……check it? Offer small amounts of fluid, frequently; monitor for airway obstruction School nurse scabies Red itchy papules on child’s groin area Diabetes insipidus DI severe head injury Urine output 250 ml 2 hr postoperative following an ileal conduit procedure bladder cancer Dusky colored stoma Mastitis of left breast does this mean that I must stop nursing my baby No, you can continue to nurse from both your breasts Orthopedic floor is completing the morning assessments on several clients 24-year old male who has a casted femur fracture Morning laboratory values to several clients Client who is prescribed digoxin and furosemide Education about electroconvulsive therapy ECT major depressive disorder General anesthetic administered prior to ECT treatments Charge nurse creating assignments for next shift for several nurses and one of the nurses is pregnant 60 year old who is recovering from shingles Nurse is teaching a client who has left-leg weakness how to use a standard walker Moves the left leg and walker ahead together Diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder Poor impulse control Home health nurse is reviewing treatment goals with a client who has diabetes mellitus evaluate laboratory tests to determine effective long-term management of blood glucose levels HbA1c Haloperidol for the treatment of schizophrenia Screen the client for tardive dyskinesia Urinalysis done for a preschool age child Pyelonephritis [Show More]

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