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Informatics Midterm Review Sheet. Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 599-10645 ,

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Informatics Midterm Review Sheet 1. General principles of Nursing Informatics: 2. Knowledge o Awareness and understanding of a set of information and ways that information can be made useful to su... pport a specific task or arrive at a decision. This knowledge building is an ongoing process engaged in while a person is conscious and going about his or her normal daily activities. 3. Wisdom:  Knowledge applied in a practical way or translated into actions; the use of knowledge and experience to heighten common sense and insight so as to exercise sound judgment in practical matters. Sometimes thought of as the highest form of common sense, resulting from accumulated knowledge or erudition (deep, thorough learning) or enlightenment (education that results in understanding and the dissemination of knowledge). Wisdom is the ability to apply valuable and viable knowledge, experience, understanding, and insight while being prudent and sensible. It is focused on our own minds; it is the synthesis of our experience, insight, understanding, and knowledge. Wisdom is the appropriate use of knowledge to solve human problems. It is knowing when and how to apply knowledge. [Show More]

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