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2022: EMT Practice Final Examination (150Q) 100% and Correctly Answered

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2022: EMT Practice Final Examination (150Q) 100% and Correctly Answered 1. Snoring respirations are most rapidly managed by 2. Which of the following patients would be most in need of a rapid trauma... assessment? 3. Which of the following bones is affected with a swollen, painful deformity to the lateral bone of the left forearm? 4. During your assessment of a 34-year old man with a gunshot wound to the chest, you note that his skin is pale. This finding is most likely caused by 5. An 80-year old woman has pain in the right upper quadrant of her abdomen and a yellowish tinge to her skin. You should suspect dysfunction of the 6. Which of the following situations is an example of abandonment? 7. Which artery should you palpate when assessing for a pulse in an unresponsive 6-month old patient? 8. During the initial assessment of a trauma patient, you note massive facial injuries, weak radial pulses, and clammy skin. What should be your most immediate concern? 9. You are called to treat a male patient who overdosed on heroin and and is unconscious with shallow breathing and cyanosis to the face. The patient suddenly begins to vomit. What should you do first? 10. The scene size up includes all of the following components, EXCEPT 11. In which of the following patients would an oropharyngeal airway be indicated? 12. Upon arriving at the scene of a multiple vehicle crash, you can see that at least two patients have been ejected from their vehicles. What should you do next? 13. A 75 year old man has generalized weakness and chest pain. He has a bottle of prescribed nitroglycerin and he states that he has not taken any of his medication. After initiating oxygen therapy, you should next 14. Which of the following organs is not part of the endocrine system? 15. Which of the following injuries or conditions should be managed first? 16. You arrive at a residence where you find a man lying unconscious in his front yard. There were no witnesses to the event that caused the unconsciousness. In assessing this man, you must assume that he 17. When is the best time to perform a detailed physical examination? 18. Which of the following conditions would most likely cause flushed skin? 19. During the rapid trauma assessment of a patient with multiple injuries, you expose the chest and find an open wound with blood bubbling from it. What should you do next? 20. You are called to a local park for a 7-year old boy with respiratory distress. During your assessment, you find that the patient is wheezing and has wide-spread hives and facial edema. What should you suspect has occurred? [Show More]

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