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EMT Practice Final Examination Latest UpdateSnoring respirations are most rapidly managed by A. suctioning the oropharynx B. initiating assisted ventilations C. correctly positioning the head D. ... inserting an oropharnygeal airway Correct Answer-correctly positioning the head Which of the following patients would be most in need of a rapid trauma assessment? A. an awake and alert 19-year-old man with a small caliber gunshot wound to the abdomen B. A conscious 25-year-old woman who fell 12' from a roof and landed on her side C. A 43-year-old woman with a unilaterally swollen, painful deformity of the femur D. a 60-year old man who fell from a standing position and has an abrasion on his check Correct Answeran awake and alert 19-year-old man with a small caliber gunshot wound to the abdomen Which of the following bones is affected with a swollen, painful deformity to the lateral bone of the left forearm? A. Ulna B. Radius C. Clavicle D. Humerus Correct Answer-Radius During your assessment of a 34-year old man with a gunshot wound to the chest, you note that his skin is pale. This finding is most likely caused by [Show More]

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