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LETRS Unit 4 Session 1-8 Session 1 Proficient word reading requires rapid recognition of all relevant layers of word structure in a mental process called ___________ ________________. {{Ans- or... thographic mapping English is a _________ orthography, knowing a word well means being able to identify all the aspects of language represented in the printed word, including the meaningful parts, syllables, graphemes, and phonemes. {{Ans- deep A ___________ is a letter or letter combination that spells a phoneme; can be one, two, three or four letters. {{Ans- grapheme A _________ is a speech sound that combines with others in a language system to make words; English has 44 phonemes. {{Ans- phoneme The language from which a word came into English, as well as its history of use, often explains a word's spelling. {{Ans- Language of Origin __________ -_____________ correspondences are the mapping between speech sounds and letter groups. {{Ans- Phoneme-grapheme [Show More]

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