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NURS 6531 -Advanced Practice Care of Adults Across the Lifespan Mid Term Exam 1. Diagnostic confirmation of acute leukemia is based on: A. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy B. Pancytopen... ia C. Hyperuricemia D. All of the above 2. Which of the following is the most common complication of the myelodysplastic syndromes? A. Fatigue B. Cardiomyopathy C. Falls D. Bleeding 3. A 50-year-old male presents to the office complaining of abnormal bleeding. He denies taking medications and personal or family history of bleeding. The initial laboratory testing reveals a normal CBC/differential with a prolonged PT/INR, differential diagnosis of this patient’s problem includes: A. Vitamin K deficiency B. Vitamin B12 deficiency C. Mild liver disease D. A and C E. All of the above 4. Complications associated with acute myelogenous leukemia therapy include: A. tumor lysis syndrome B. Leukocytosis C. Leukostasis D. A and C E. All of the above 5. Warfarin (Coumadin) is prescribed for a frail, elderly male with new onset atrial fibrillation. The goal INR for this patient should be: A. INR 1.8-2.5 B. INR 1.8-3.2 C. INR 2.0-3.0 D. INT 2.5 -3.5 6. A 28-year-old female presents to the office requesting testing for diagnosis of hereditary thrombophilia. Her father recently had a deep vein thrombosis and she is concerned about her risk factors. The nurse practitioner explains that: A. The patient should start anticoagulant therapy immediately. B. Hereditary thrombophilia does not always require anticoagulation therapy. C. Women of childbearing age cannot take anticoagulant therapy. D. Genetic and risk management counseling are recommended. E. B and D 7. A middle-aged female presents complaining of recent weight loss. The physical exam reveals an enlarged painless cervical lymph node. The differential diagnosis for this patient’s problem includes: A. Infection B. Toxoplasmosis C. Mononucleosis D. All of the above E. None of the above 8. Which of the following patient symptoms is consistent with an acute myocardial infarction? A. Chest heaviness B. Dyspnea C. Indigestion D. All of the above 9. Important education for patients with moderate or severe aortic stenosis includes: A. Avoiding competitive sports B. Reassurance that the condition is benign C. Medication prophylaxis to prevent stroke D. All of the above 10. During the physical examination, the nurse practitioner notes the presence of an S4 gallop. The nurse practitioner realizes that an S4 occurs: A. After the S3 B. Before the S1 C. After the S1 D. Before the S3 11. A 57-year-old male presents to urgent care complaining of substernal chest discomfort for the past hour. The EKG reveals ST elevations in Leads II, III, and AVF. The nurse practitioner is aware that these changes are consistent with which myocardial infarction territory? A. Inferior wall B. Anterior wall C. Apical wall D. Lateral wall 12. A 28-year-old female presents to urgent care complaining of a fluttering feeling in her chest. She has been ill with vomiting and diarrhea for two days, but states the GI symptoms have now stopped. She just is concerned about the heart rate. The EKG reveals multifocal PVCs. The patient’s laboratory values are: serum potassium 2.6 mEq/L, serum sodium 144 mEq/L, serum chloride 90 mEq/L, and blood glucose 98 mg/dl. The nurse practitioner believes that the patient’s PVCs are likely caused by which of the following: A. Hypoglycemia B. Hypoxemia C. Hypokalemia D. None of the above 13. Diastolic murmurs are caused by regurgitation across the: A. Aortic valve B. Pulmonic valve C. Tricuspid valve D. A and B 14. An 88-year-old female presents complaining of “liquid” draining from her leg. She denies pain or injury. The physical exam reveals an irregularly shaped shallow ulceration on the posterior left lower extremity above the ankle. An area of warmth and erythema surround the lesion. The nurse practitioner suspects: A. A venous stasis ulcer B. An arterial ulcer C. A neuropathic ulcer D. Ischemia ulcer 15. A patient presents to the office with a blood pressure 142/80. This patient is classified as having: A. Normal blood pressure B. Prehypertension C. Stage 1 hypertension D. Stage 2 hypertension 16. Which of the following are essential components of the vascular physical exam? A. Blood pressure B. Foot exam C. Abdominal exam D. All of the above 17. The National Cholesterol Education Program’s Adult Treatment Panel III recommends that the goal for low density lipoproteins in high risk patients be less than: A. 160 mg/dL B. 130 mg/dL C. 100 mg/dL D. 70 mg/dL 18. Which of the following is not a lifestyle risk factor associated with hypertension? A. High dietary fat intake B. Sedentary life style C. Obstructive sleep apnea D. High alcohol intake 19. A patient presents to urgent care complaining of dyspnea, fatigue, and lower extremity edema. The echocardiogram reveals and ejection fraction of 38%. The nurse practitioner knows that these findings are consistent with: A. Mitral regurgitation B. Systolic heart failure C. Cardiac myxoma D. Diastolic heart failure 20. American Heart Association goals to promote ideal cardiovascular health in women include which of the following? A. Smoking cessation B. > 100 minutes /week physical activity C. Blood pressure < 120/80 D. A and C E. All of the above [Show More]

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